Finnish Textile and Fashion

Finnish Textile and Fashion is the central organization for textile, clothing and fashion companies in Finland. We promote the sector and our member companies globally.

Our member companies produce, for example, clothing, home textiles, sportswear and outdoor apparel. They also manufacture industrial non-wovens as well as technical industrial textiles.

We are a significant industry influencer, and our goal is to ensure that our member companies have a beneficial business environment that meets their changing needs. Our aim is to provide the companies with good opportunities to grow, internationalize and succeed.

We represent the textile, fashion and clothing industry in labor negotiations as wells as in matters related to the local and international labour legislation.

We support our member companies in reaching their goals, be it in growing their business or expanding their global footprint. In the changing business environment and global economy, we look into new business models and funding opportunities. Building the marketing, branding and e-commerce capabilities of our members is at the core of what we do.

Advancing the education from basic to advanced levels, as well as promoting research and development for this sector are part of our mission. Together with government bodies, research centers, universities and schools we carry out different programs that strengthen innovation, creativity, growth and internationalization.

Our focus areas

Textile and fashion business is global. We actively network across regions and build bridges with international organizations, companies and service providers in our industry. If you are looking for a partner in the Finnish textile and fashion industry, we are glad to help you.

Sustainability is an integral part of today’s business operations, leadership practices and risk management. As textiles are produced in a supply chain, we have a shared responsibility for sustainability, as each participant has their own significant role in the chain.

Product safety and quality are vital for this sector. Textiles and clothes need to be safe for their users and environment. We work together with the EU bodies towards using less of chemicals and less harmful chemicals. Standardization is another way of ensuring that the products are safe and have good quality. We are the official standardization body for this sector in Finland.