Brightplus Oy

Brightplus Oy is a partner member at Finnish Textile & Fashion.

Brightplus Oy is a biomaterial processing company that manufactures recyclable BrightBio® textile coating by utilizing by-products from the food and lumber industry and other renewable materials.

About the company

Brightplus Oy from Oulu is a leading innovator in the field of sustainable material solutions. The company has been operating since 2014 and the coatings it produces are already used worldwide, for example in the bottles of well-known perfume brands. As a new regional conquest, Brightplus Oy responds to the challenges of the textile industry by reducing the use of non-renewable oil-based materials and harmful chemicals. The BrightBio® coating, made from the by-streams of the food and lumber industry, offers textiles protection and customizable performance, significantly reducing the environmental load of the fabric. No water or harmful chemicals are used in the production of the material. BrightBio® coating is suitable for use in interior and clothing textiles and bags and can be recycled using all current textile recycling methods.

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