Textile & Fashion Forum 2022 themes are future and renewal, sustainable solutions, and growth and digitalization. We will hear interesting speeches from top-notch professionals, both from Finland and abroad.

Jyri Engeström, Co-Founder and General Partner at Yes VC

Jyri Engeström is an investor at Yes VC, an early stage venture capital fund in San Francisco. He has invested in Unity, Oura and many other successful companies.

Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer, Lenzing AG

Robert van de Kerkhof is Chief Commercial Officer of Lenzing AG. As distinguished authority in the fiber industry with over 25 years of experience. Robert is also President of CIRFS, the European Man-made Fiber Association and the President of the Austrian Fiber Institute.

Dominic Sluiter, 3D design to manufacturing Optimist & Initiator of Edward.Digital

Dominic Sluiter has worked at the core of digital transformation within Nike, PVH and as co-founder of STITCH3D. Begin 2022 Dominic founded Edward.digital. A collective of digital fashion creatives that believe that with today’s digital skills, technology and vision, we can develop a way to make better clothing and give every creative the experience to make and influence what we wear.

Mikko Koponen, CEO, Manna & Co

Mikko Koponen is the CEO of Manna & Co. A Finnish home of brands that consists of Finland’s most beloved textile companies: Finlayson, Vallila, Makia, Reino & Aino, Lexington and 20% of Sasta. Manna & Co brands have a total history of more than 480 years. Mikko is also a board member of Finnish Textile and Fashion.


Ali Harlin, Research Professor, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Prof. Ali Harlin is material scientist and VTT research professor in the field of bio-economy. His responsibilities include bio-based materials and industrial application thereof. His group is developing new methods, industrial application of materials, produced using renewable raw materials to generate sustainable value chains and to reduce our dependency on oil.  He has previously worked in industry with Borealis and Nokia-Maillefer and is inventor of several patents e.g. Borstar technology, and has been involved with several start-ups, recently Infinited Fiber Company Ltd and Rester Oy.

Mauro Scalia, Director, Sustainable Businesses, Euratex

Mauro Scalia is Director Sustainable Businesses in EURATEX, the European Confederation of Textile and Apparel industry, in Brussels, where he is responsible for sustainability in chemicals, circular economy, climate change, due diligence and other issues. Graduated cum laude in Political Sciences, he joined EURATEX in 2004 having worked in business and in the European Commission. Italian, he also speaks English, French and German.

Outi Luukko, CEO, Rester Ltd.

Outi Luukko currently works as CEO, founder & board member in Rester Ltd. and as a board member & co-founder in Touchpoint Ltd. Outi’s previous career as an entrepreneur and CEO has been in advertising and design branch 1992-2007 (company sold). Outi is an entrepreneur by heart, dedicated to valuebased business having expertise in strategic planning and business development. She has been a keynote speaker in many domestic and international forums. Rester Ltd  is 2019 a Finnish company (established 2019) offering to b-to-b sector circular solutions and possibility to recycle waste textiles to new textile fiber and high quality raw material.

Anna Garton, Customer Accounts & Sales, Circular textiles & services, Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto Oy

Anna Garton works in Customer Accounts & Sales at LSJH’s Textiles & Services finding customers, creating new markets and supply chains, and encouraging product innovation to use the LSJH produced recycled textile products and fibres.  With a degree in Design Management, Anna has an international perspective, having grown up in East Africa, and worked and studied in the UK. Her experience includes working in ethical consumerism, promoting circular economy business models, upcycled product design, fair trade, and design, marketing & communications.


Harper Hagedorn, Director of Strategy, Gemic

Harper Hagedorn is a director of strategy at Gemic. Born and raised in New York City, Harper has spent her career focused on the intersection of brand and innovation. Her experience includes mining for customer insights by way of global ethnographic research, working with R&D to conceive award-winning new products and brands, and guiding legacy brands towards reinvention. She has worked across categories, from food and beverage to fitness, media and automotive. Prior to Gemic, she helped lead brand strategy for the MINI brand at BMW, which increased in brand strength by 35% according to the Interbrand Brand Valuation Index, during her time there.

Valtteri Lindholm, Sovereign, Varusteleka

Valtteri Lindholm is the sovereign of Varusteleka, the internationally known army and outdoors specialist company. Varusteleka’s growth comes from the international market, and the company’s main strategic objective is “America first!” Varusteleka is an example on how not to compete with price but with Finnish design and marketing.

Mikael Haveri, Brand Director, Housemarque

Mikael Haveri is a Brand Director of Finland’s oldest gaming company, Housemarque. Mikael has been working in the games industry for over a decade, mostly with branding and marketing emphasis. All of the materials and clothes produced for Housemarque internally and externally are made by his team. Multiple award winning games with the oldest Finnish game company has now moved to the ownership of Sony and PlayStation. Mikael is intrigued in creating unique solutions with local partners and steering off the path of mundane advertising.


Kirsi Terho, Key Account Director, Infinited Fiber Company

Kirsi Terho is Infinited Fiber Company’s Key Account Director and networker extraordinaire. With a background in chemistry and the viscose industry – as well as in photography and IT – Kirsi is Infinited’s main point of contact with global fashion brands and responsible for sales. She joined the fashion technology startup in 2017 and is on a mission to make circularity in textiles an everyday reality.

Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer, Lenzing AG

Robert van de Kerkhof is Chief Commercial Officer of Lenzing AG. As distinguished authority in the fiber industry with over 25 years of experience. Robert is also President of CIRFS, the European Man-made Fiber Association and the President of the Austrian Fiber Institute.

Shahriare Mahmood, Chief Sustainability Officer, Spinnova

Dr. Shahriare Mahmood is a sustainability enthusiast, researcher and professional in fashion industry. He has become a sustainability leader in textile-apparel industry through the relevant technical expertise and working experience over two decades in almost all stages of textile-apparel value chain operations. Simultaneously, he was involved in research to contribute further in academic arena with the intention to enrich with substantive sustainable aspects. He has a deep expertise in process optimization in this industry aiming on environmental sustainability. He is the proponent for product sustainability as a part of the total sustainability. Circular economy is of his particular interest and he would like to encash his expertise for integrating the concept in the textile-apparel supply chain.

Heli Kuorikoski, CEO, Metsä Group’s and ITOCHU ‘s JV

Heli Kuorikoski is the CEO of MI Demo, a joint venture of Metsä Group and ITOCHU Corporation. MI Demo operates a demo plant in Äänekoski, which aims to demonstrate feasibility of a novel cellulose based textile fibre, Kuura, and its production process. Prior to her current position, Heli has held a number of positions at listed company Metsä Board, focusing on e.g. technical services, product management and customer projects of paperboard and packaging solutions. Heli graduated from Tampere University of Technology in Finland with a M.Sc. in Materials Science.


Olesja Hännikäinen, Innovation Service Designer, Accenture

Olesja Hännikäinen is a Service Designer from Accenture Liquid Studio, she is working with emerging technologies such as XR, AI to name a few. She is also a Fashion Illustrator and loves to combine fashion and technology for example through immersive fashion experiences in Virtual Reality. She is a co-founder of EXTHEREAL, a conference about digital fashion, immersive technologies, metaverse and gaming.

Joanna Hummel, General Manager Nordics, Zalando

Joanna Hummel joined Zalando in December 2021 as General Manager of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Joanna is in charge of the strategy and daily business for the Nordic markets. Prior to joining Zalando, Joanna was the Managing Director of H&Ms Afound and before that she headed up beauty retailers Lyko and KICKS.

Laura Roman, Head of Operations & Sustainability, Halti Oy

Laura Roman is the Head of Operations and Sustainability of one of Finland’s leading outdoor brands Halti OY. Laura has several years of diverse experience in the retail and wholesale worlds of the apparel industry with a strong passion for sustainability and digital Fashion. With a strong systemic and multidisciplinary approach, she is leading the change towards a digitalized product development process.

Dr. Satya Banerjee, Lecturer in Fashion Analytics and Forecasting, London College of Fashion

Dr. Satya Banerjee works as a Lecturer in Fashion Analytics and Forecasting at the London College of Fashion and as a researcher with the Fashion Business School at LCF. His research area includes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the fashion industry. He is keen on studying and evaluating the impact of upcoming technologies in the fashion business and developing an inclusive pathway for fashion and textile companies globally. His recent book titled ‘AI in Fashion Industry’ documents case studies and frameworks in this field. Recently, he has developed the world’s first course on Machine Learning in Fashion Industry at LCF and leads the same.