New Textile Fibres from Finland

Finland is home to some remarkable textile innovations that have the potential to transform the fashion and textile industry. Learn more about the fantastic Finnish innovations and innovators!

Towards a more sustainable textile industry

Finnish textile fibre developers have ground-breaking solutions that can transform the fashion and textile industry – globally.

Resource-wise textile business can be created from both primary and recycled fibre. Finnish innovators have developed methods of producing fibre from all forms of cellulose: wood, textile waste, and recycled paper as well as agricultural and food production side streams.

There is a great need for new, more sustainable fibres – the whole world needs ways to replace e.g cotton and polyester, and fill the gap between the limited amount of resources and the growth of world population.

This business is worth billions of euros.

Turning waste into textiles, and finding sustainable ways of making good use of the beloved Finnish forests

In Finland, new innovative fibre developers work alongside the rapidly transforming forest industry to create a more sustainable fibre future.

Textile waste can be used as raw material. To be precise, there’s a great potential in using the textiles that are already in circulation. When new fibre is made out of textile waste, old textiles are cleaned and broken down at the polymer level with the help of chemistry. Then they are born again as high-quality textile fibers.

Around 65 per cent of Finland’s total land area is covered by forest. Therefore, it is excellent news that refining wood-based fibre into yarn, fabric and textiles and apparel, can lead up to 6.5 times added value compared to unrefined wood pulp.

Meet new fibre solutions from Finland – they’re about to be a real game-changer in this business!

Meet new fibre solutions from Finland

They’re about to be a real game-changer in this business!

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