Business Finland: The Path to E-Commerce Success in Japan

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Business Finland: The Path to E-Commerce Success in Japan: Nordic Retail Guide Launch

Business Sweden, Business Finland and Nordic Innovation House are pleased to invite you to the Japanese E-Commerce Retail Guide webinar on 20th of January, 2022.

The retail industry in Japan is in the middle of a digital commerce transformation. Japan is the fourth largest e-commerce market in the world, and many brands have started new e-commerce businesses over the last decade. An online store is a powerful tool to reach over 100 million Japanese consumers, but what exactly does a company need to do? We will provide you with the key information of the e-commerce market landscape, business model choices, regulatory considerations, localization, and marketing. Please sign up and listen in to this webinar to learn about e-commerce business opportunities for you.

The webinar is based on a brand new Japanese e-commerce Retail Guide by Business Sweden and Business Finland. The report will be briefly introduced during the webinar and sent to all participants afterwards.

DATE & TIME: 20th January, 2022, 10:00-11:30 (EET)

PROGRAM (Subject to changes)

– Opening Remarks
Laura Kopilow, Business Finland Tokyo

– Japanese E-Commerce Retail Guide
Kasper Thim, Consultant, Business Sweden Tokyo
Joakim Larsson, Consultant, Business Sweden Tokyo

– Success Case
Makoto Fukai, President, BabyBjorn K.K.

– Q&A
Business Sweden Tokyo

– Closing Remarks
Haruki Tsuji, Project Manager, Business Sweden Tokyo

The webinar will be moderated by Niklas Karvonen, Community Director, Nordic Innovation House Tokyo.

You are welcome to submit any questions beforehand through the registration form.


For more information please contact:

Laura Kopilow
Business Finland
Tel: +81 90 5338 6344

Paula Paassilta-Weman
Business Finland
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