Exthereal, panel discussion: How to digitalise the traditional fashion industry?

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Exthereal is an online conference about digital fashion and Extended Reality. It creates an ecosystem around the most exciting dimension on the future of fashion by bringing together pioneers of digital couture, prominent visionaries of the metaverse, technical experts and fashion brands.

Panel discussion: How to digitalise the traditional fashion industry

The fashion industry is going through a significant transition. In addition to responsibility, digitalisation has a significant impact on the renewal of industry, its products, production, distribution, and business models. In this panel discussion, we focus on how digitalisation affects fashion design and how brands can scale their digital apparel practices.

Two of the panelists represent fashion design, Elina Lappalainen, Women’s Lead Designer, from Makia Clothing and Laura Roman, Head of Operations and Sustainability from Halti. Anne-Christine Polet, Head of Stitch & Hatch, works for a fashion-tech, and they develop 3D tools for fashion industry to enable this digital transformation in a scalable way in fashion design. The panel is moderated by Marja-Liisa Niinikoski, Managing Director, from Finnish Textile & Fashion.

Speaker information

Anne-Christine Polet leads the startup behind Hatch and Stitch, two SaaS products that are changing the way fashion works by digitizing the value chain with 3D at the core. Transforming brands to allow them to scale 3D design practices and subsequently sell from these 3D assets immediately, without the need for physical samples. All with the aim to create a better, digital, more sustainable future for fashion.

Laura Roman is the Head of Operations and Sustainability of one of Finland’s leading outdoor brands Halti. Laura has a several years of diverse experience in the retail and wholesale worlds of the apparel industry with a strong passion for sustainability and DPC. With a strong systemic and multidisciplinary approach she is leading the change towards a digitalized product development process.

Elina Lappalainen is the women’s lead designer for Makia Clothing with over a decade of experience in the Nordic fashion industry and collaborating with global brands. As a lifelong learner she is finding new ways to create more sustainable collections and processes.

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