Webinar: What kind of new business models 3D enables?

Digital product creation enables new business models and ways of working such as on-demand production, 3D knitting and doing business with virtual garments. Welcome to our webinar to discover these opportunities!
  • Ajankohta: 10.10.2024 10:00-12:30
  • Ilmoittautuminen päättyy: 08.10.2024 23:59
  • Paikka: Verkossa
  • Maa: Suomi

Tietoa tapahtumasta

Designing garments in 3D is not just about streamlining the product creation process but it can also enable completely new business models and ways of working. In this webinar we will talk about on-demand production, 3D knitting and possibilities of virtual garments. During the session we’ll hear presentation from Dominic Sluiter, co-founder of Enhance That who will talk about on-demand production and how 3D and digital skills are unlocking the possibilities for future business models in fashion. Jon Amund Søfferud, Susanne Krabberød and Espen Haugland from Manufacture Oslo will tell us about 3D knitting and how it can be leveraged in on demand business models and how could fashion brands build business models related to virtual garments.

The webinar is open for all and free of charge.

More detailed agenda will be published closer to the event.

Get in touch:
Aleksandra Prami, aleksandra.prami(at)stjm.fi

Webinar is part of Digital Disruption in the Fashion Industry project by Suomen Tekstiili & Muoti ry funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.