Inka Oy

Inka Oy are pioneers in the Finnish narrow fabrics industry and the leading manufacturer of narrow fabrics in the Nordic countries. We manufacture high-quality woven and braided tapes in the village of Killinkoski in Finland with over 100 years of solid experience.

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Inka is a Finnish manufacturer of webbing products operating in the Baltic Sea region. We have manufactured narrow fabrics for over 100 years, since 1898.

Thanks to our resilient work, Inka is an internationally renowned brand in its field today and is seen as a guarantee for good quality and service. Our webbing products are manufactured at our factory in Killinkoski.

Our values and operations are based on quality, customer satisfaction, an active product development and the well-being of our personnel. These are also key factors in our success. Our goal is to be the best supplier in the industry and a manufacturer of high-quality products. With solid expertise, experience and first-class customer service, we are on the way to our goal. A satisfied customer is the foundation of our operations.

We continuously map sustainable raw materials and invest in the development of smart webbing products.

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