Pure Waste Textiles Oy

Pure Waste is a Finnish textile recycling pioneer. At Pure Waste, we produce fabrics and garments of recycled fibres. In addition to our own collection we provide companies and organizations with long-term sustainable garment options that reduce the carbon footprint by 50 % and the water footprint by 99 % compared to products made of virgin materials.

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Pure Waste is a Finnish textile recycling pioneer that produces garments made of 100% recycled fibres, mostly off-cuts from sewing factories. These recycled materials reduce our water and carbon footprint, resulting in 50% less carbon dioxide emissions and 99% less water usage than similar garments made from virgin materials. In addition to their environmental benefits, we also emphasise durability, quality, and timeless design.

A world without textile waste requires a radical shift in consumption habits, a battle where every choice matters.

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