Untuvia Oy

Untuvia Oy is a startup member at Finnish Textile & Fashion.

Untuvia operates as a marketplace for recycled down. Thanks to our innovative recycling process, we are able to produce the world’s highest quality recycled down. With our activities, we contribute towards the future of textiles with sustainable and natural recycled materials.

About the company

Untuvia is a growth-oriented marketplace for recycled down, founded in 2024. The goal is to open up the possibilities of using recycled down for a wide variety of textiles. With an innovative recycling process, we reduce textile waste and reduce water and energy consumption in industry.

We are building a collection network together with our partners, so that down, which is known for its durable and heat-insulating material, can be put back into circulation. In purchasing material, we use a wide range of products, from bedding to jackets and sleeping bags. Become part of our story: www.untuvia.com