Fashion Team LT

Fashion Team LT is a partner member at Finnish Textile & Fashion.

Fashion Team LT is a reseller of GRAFIS CAD Apparel and Browzwear VStitcher 3D software, we also train software customers and produce digital services for the clothing industry.

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Fashion Team LT offers digital services and software in the clothing industry.

GRAFIS CAD patterning and grading software is suitable for companies of all sizes, both for mass production and custom-made manufacturing. The software’s extensive, advanced pattern library and intuitive tools enable versatile work, taking into account the needs of the company and customers.

Browzwear VStitcher 3D software is suitable for e.g. for virtual fitting of the patterns, testing the suitability of materials and visualizing and designing clothing models. The production quantity of prototype and model parts can be reduced with the help of virtual equivalents produced with 3D software. At the same time, you can also produce material for marketing and online store.

We produce software user training, patterning and grading services, and 3D service packages according to customer-specific needs.

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