Novida is a partner member at Finnish Textile & Fashion. 

Novida – Vocational and General Upper Secundary Education and Training in Loimaa, Lieto and Uusikaupunki. It is possible to study vocational qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications, as well as individual study units. Novida’s role is to strenghten students’ professional skills that are responding to the local and national workforce needs.

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During the textile and fashion industry studies you will learn basic skills of various handicraft techniques, such as sewing, weaving, felting, dyeing and textile printing. You will learn to communicate your professional skills using digital technology. Creativity, aesthetics and entrepreneurship are strongly involved in the studies. You can choose form three different study options and qualification titles:

Design textile manufacturer uses fabric weaving, felting and dyeing skills when designing and making textiles.

Bespoke seamstress makes custom-made clothes, and guides customers to choose outfits that fit to their style, colors and figure.

Interior textile manufacturer designs and makes interior products, and styles interior setups, e.g. curtains and bed linen.

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