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Our business is named ‘Junkan,’ from Japanese words ‘Jun’ meaning pure, and ‘Kan’ meaning loop, which together signify a pure, continuous loop – a central meaning of the circular economy and of circular textiles.

JUNKAN Oy is a newly established company in Helsinki Finland for developing and offering rental, reuse and repair services for consumers, brands, retail, and organizations. Company´s roots are in Japan providing decades of textile expertise in functional clothing, responsible manufacturing and high-quality repair business & inspection. At JUNKAN we want to combine this expertise with world-leading circular economy and sustainability expertise in Finland & Nordics, and while doing so, introduce a scalable circular textiles services platform for the European markets. We welcome warmly new partners to join the JUNKAN journey.




Saurer is a leading globally operating technology company focusing on innovations for the processing of fibre and yarn, including machinery, components and after sales services. For more than 170 years, Saurer has been driving the transformation of the textile industry. Saurer supports the textile industry in the areas of sustainability, digitization and automation.

Saurer offers high-quality, technologically advanced and customer-specific automated solutions for staple fibre processing from from bale to yarn. The portfolio also includes intelligent and economical twisting and cabling machines for tire cord, carpet, staple fibre, glass filament and industrial yarns, which allow customers to adapt flexibly to dynamic market requirements. For decades, sustainability has been an important part of Saurer’s vision for the future and Saurer supports its customers towards a circular economy with innovative features to optimise the processing of recycled and regenerated fibres.

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In 1890, August Kuehne and Friedrich Nagel founded a freight forwarding company in Bremen, Germany. Over the last 130 years, Kuehne+Nagel has evolved from a traditional shipping company to a global logistics partner that offers highly specialised solutions for major industries worldwide.

​​​​​Today, Kuehne+Nagel is headquartered in Switzerland, with a presence all over the world. We focus our business on the most essential element: the needs of our customers.

Change is created by those who see the future as clearly as the present, who anticipate the challenges of tomorrow today, who are unwilling to accept routine when reinvention is required. These are the people who work at Kuehne+Nagel. Resourceful, diligent, thorough. Our work ethic is built on ceaseless hard work and dedication to our craft, as well as a commitment to the promises we make. It is due to this diligence that we can have more than 400,000 happy customers.  Empathy and credibility inform the choices we make every day.

Together, we build a company culture that puts humans at the heart of everything we do – a company that is as great to work for, as it is to work with.

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FashionUnited is an independent B2B platform that collects, creates and communicates content relevant to the industry. As fashion’s most trusted global network for over 20 years, it connects over one million fashion professionals, and provides a competitive recruitment advantage for the world’s leading brands through storytelling and branding. Established in over 30 countries and 10 languages, FashionUnited optimises the industry’s way of working – making it more efficient and transparent. News, Marketplaces, Job boards, Directories and Data are FashionUnited’s core business.

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